Back from the grave

Oct. 13-14, 2016: NESS goes to IRCAM

The NESS team, including Stefan Bilbao, Michele Ducceschi, Reg Harrison, Craig Webb, Charlotte Desvages, Brian Hamilton, James Perry, Alan Gray, Paul Graham and Kostas Kavoussanakis gave a complete round-up of all activities in the project, from algorithm design and musical instrument acoustics to implementation in parallel hardware and real-time applications. On top of this, three of our composer collaborators, Gordon Delap from NUI Maynooth, Trevor Wishart, and Gadi Sassoon also came along to play four complete pieces produced using NESS synthesis tools. A great time was had in Paris at IRCAM. This was a joint event, co-organised by IRCAM and the Lutherie/Acoustique/Musique team at Universite de Paris Marie Curie.