Back from the grave

Software Downloads

Our work on the NESS project consists of a Matlab→C→Acceleration chain. Because it might be useful for some without access to a GPU server to try out our codes, we’re beginning to release some binaries, accompanied by tutorial information and example score/instrument files.

Do what you like with them… but please:

  • Refer to the NESS project in any work you do that you see fit to have performed or to release yourself!
  • Send us a link to your composition so we can link back to you

Brass environment

Our first major release is a flexible brass synthesis environment. It’s quite raw, from the interface side of things, but extremely flexible. In short, you can design, build, and play your own instrument, with complete control over the bore profile of the instrument, as well as the placement of valves. On top of this, you also have control over a large number of input streams, corresponding to what your lips are doing, as well as your fingers!

As with all of our systems, it does take a fair amount of practice to come to grips with the use of such a complex instrument! Which is not surprising, because a musical instrument is not a toy, but something you need to learn how to play!

In any case, here you’ll find the C synthesis binary, compiled for a variety of architectures, as well as copious user docs, example files, and some sound examples. Enjoy!

User Document
Linux Download
Mac OSX Download
Windows Download

Please also see our brass tutorials.