Back from the grave


Part of the project—in fact, the aim of the whole thing!—is to try to put into practice the work that we do on synthesis tools. For this, we need to work with professional musicians outside the core NESS group of acousticians, engineers and parallel programming experts. We’re delighted to be able to host such musicians here in Edinburgh.

We’ve had many visits over the course of NESS, dating back to 2013, and each experience has been remarkably distinct from the others. In each visit, a composer is faced with a new instrument, and a new interface, and we spend a lot of time working directly with the musician to ease the process…and also, more importantly, to learn as much as we can from them about what makes for a good musical instrument! We have seen four completed pieces of music, all multichannel, and all composed in the Multichannel Research Space hosted by the Edinburgh College of Art.

Below, you’ll find stereo reductions for each piece, accompanied by short descriptions of the works themselves.

Ashes to Ashes by Gordon Delap, 2013

Dithyramb – Kepler 63e by Trevor Wishart, 2014

Black Dog by Gordon Delap, 2016

Collision Suite by Gadi Sassoon, 2016

From Inner to Outer Shadow by Gordon Delap, 2016

Black Hole Fanfare by Gadi Sassoon, 2016